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There are situations in life when it is critical to quickly notify people about someone in distress or in an emergency situation. While it is the job of the police and emergency services to locate and rescue the person in distress, it may also be critical to obtain the right contact information - and that may take a long time, which may not be an option during an emergency and may leave the family and friends in the dark for a long time.  

SOS_ID allows you to contact family, friends, or significant others in just 20 seconds and notify them of their loved one’s emergency situation. 


A project aspiring to return every lost dog or cat to their home. 
With our help, a person who found a lost pet can easily and quickly contact the distressed pet parent and give them the much-needed good news! 


It is difficult to imagine our lives without our belongings - purses, backpacks, keys, and other valuables - that follow us wherever we go. Sometimes it happens that we accidentally leave them, forget them, or lose them. Sometimes, they are returned to us.


But why not improve the chances of getting your item back by using an SOS_ID tag tied to your contact information? In just 20 seconds, the person who found something that belongs to you can contact you and notify you of their find. 

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