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Contact Data

Life moves more and more quickly everyday, and the cost of a person’s time is only increasing. Both in professional and personal lives, we like to be aware of what is happening and like to get regular, quick updates. Mobile phones and various messaging applications make it possible to check in on our loved ones and hear back from them within seconds. 

When something unfortunate happens, and the person in distress cannot contact their loved ones, it may take a long time for that information to finally reach the loved ones through emergency services, doctors, or the police. They will need time to locate the needed contact information, and it will not be their first priority. 

We believe it should be made easy to find contact information and notify the family, friends, and significant others of the person in a critical situation. And so, the SOS_ID_System allows you to do that in 20 seconds. 



If you manufacture keychains, badges, tags, or first aid kits, you can supplement your products with a unique quality by adding an SOS_ID number and a link to the website - turning it into a personal safety device in case of an emergency.


We offer you:


The website allows your client to quickly register their ID number (1 minute) and locate the needed contact information (20 seconds). website’s design is simple and intuitive, created for those who want to help and allowing them to do so quickly. The website is primarily designed to be used on mobile devices, allowing for fast search and instant use of the stored contact data to make the emergency call.


It is important to be able to reach the family or friends of the person in distress; so, we focus our contact information on phone numbers only and don’t ask for other data - this allows for a faster, more streamlined process of reaching the needed person.



If one needs to update contact information tied to an SOS_ID or add a temporary phone number, we make it possible to do within seconds - the user simply goes to and can edit, add, or provide a temporary phone number within 30 seconds, anytime and from anywhere.
Continuously updated contact data means continuously higher probability for the person in distress to get the help they need. 


1. Purchase SOS_ID on our website and download a file with the list of unique ID numbers.

2. Include the following on your products:​​​

  • website

  • ID number from the downloaded file

  • Any additional text you considered necessary/appropriate

3. Upon the purchase of your product(s), the client will register the SOS_ID listed on the product(s) by providing the following required information (takes 1 minute):

  • Emergency contact - phone number of the person who they’d like to be the contact in case of their emergency

  • Email address - needed for initial registration confirmation

  • (Optional) - additional, backup phone number

Once registered, the client will be able to use the entered data to access the account and change, update, and add contact information and SOS_ID numbers.



One SOS_ID number is $1.20 USD. The cost includes:


  • Continuous maintenance of up-to-date SOS_ID numbers throughout their lifetime

  • SMS notifications on registration confirmation or changes to the account

  • Unlimited number of contact data requests with ID number input

There are no carrier or subscription charges - you pay only once, upon SOS_ID number purchase.

We offer a free trial SOS_ID number that you can use to test the system.


You can test it to see how it would work both for your client and for the person who may be trying to help and contact the family of a person in distress.

The free trial SOS_ID number is valid for 10 days. After 10 days, it expires and cannot be used.



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