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Modern life offers a variety of devices and services that help people in emergency situations - GPS trackers, SOS buttons, special mobile applications, and more. Their main function is to quickly notify the emergency services. Each year these devices and services get faster, smarter, and more complex. What remains to be one of the most effective methods to notify of an emergency, is to call the emergency services directly.


Everyone knows how to contact the emergency services. But how do you notify the family of the person in distress? How do you find their contact information? Emergency services have a process for this, but it takes a long time. 


It should be made easy to find the right contact and notify them of the situation their loved one is in. SOSIDSYSTEM offers exactly that - an easy and quick way to contact the family in 20 seconds. 


SOSIDSYSTEM is not limited to helping a person in distress. Its simplicity and speed gives it versatility, allowing you to use it in any situations requiring quick location of the needed contact information. 

The system is also used in pet collar and tags manufacturing, allowing the owner to be contacted quickly and easily if their pet is lost. 
The versatility of the system also makes it useful in locating lost items. If an item (a purse, a backpack, a keychain, a suitcase, etc.) includes an SOS_ID tag, it can be easily returned to the owner when lost - simply by allowing the person who found it to contact the owner using the phone number tied to the SOS_ID tag. 

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